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  1. Name:
    Veirs, Scott Rhodes
    Last, First Middle

  2. Mailing address:
    4640 Sunnyside Ave. N.
    Seattle, WA, 98103

    Home phone:
    (206) 634-3204


  3. For which quarter are you applying:
    Aut_X_ Wtr___ Spr___ Sum___ Year:1995

  4. Specific area of oceanography in which you wish to do graduate study and research:

    Marine Geology and Geophysics

  5. Educational background (undergraduate and graduate):
    College or School, Dates, Major, Minor, Degree & Date

  6. Grade-point averages:
    Scale: (4 = A = Excellent) (3 = B = Good) (2 = C = Average) (1 = D = Below average) ( 0 = E = Failed)

    Cumulative (Four-year): ____3.18____

    Junior-Senior: ____3.19____

    Major Field: ____3.42____

    Physical Sciences (Mathematics, physics, engineering, etc.): ____3.22____

    Humanities and Social Science: ____3.14____

    Graduate School (if applicable): [UW AMath 351; continuing series Win/Spr] ____3.20____

  7. Graduate Record Examination (GRE):

    Date _12/16/93_
    Verbal _630_/_86_%
    Quantitative _760_/_90_%
    Analytical _710_/_90_%

  8. Languages in which you have a reading knowledge:
    English, Spanish, Bahasa Malaysia/Indonesia

  9. Are you requesting funding from the School of Oceanography?
    Yes__X__ No_____

  10. Have you applied for or received any special grants or fellowships?
    Yes__X__ No_____
    If so, please indicate source and duration:

    Will apply for

  11. Are you applying for financial support based on need through the Financial Aid Office? Yes_____ No__X__

  12. Please summarize the following:

    HONORS AWARDED FOR SCHOLARSHIP (scholarships, honorary society memberships, prizes, honors upon graduation, etc. and dates of receipt)

    RESEARCH EXPERIENCE (description, name of advisor, and dates)
    [Please see resume for elaboration...]


    PUBLICATIONS (including submitted papers)

    SPECIAL SKILLS (computer, specialized instruments, etc.)

  13. List three faculty members familiar with your academic qualifications from whom you have requested letters of recommendation:

    Dr. Gilbert M. Masters, Department of Civil Engineering, Stanford University

    Dr. Juhn G. Liou, Department of Geology, Stanford University

    Dr. Alan C. Mix, College of Oceanography, Oregon State University

  14. Please provide a statement of your educational and professional goals and objectives (approximately 300 words). You may include any or all of the following: How or why you became interested in oceanography, significant accomplishments, summary of research experience, research area(s) of special interest, extracurricular activities and interests.

    Please click here to view the hypertext version of my application essay.