6 month review and plan: Scott Veirs

November 27, 2001

Progress on previous goals:

Outline of 6-month plan (chapter-based):

  1. Examine validity of spatial extrapolation of current meter data
  2. Dec07: Fall 2001 AGU poster presentation Measured magnitude and modeled variance of heat flux from the Main Endeavour hydrothermal vent field
  3. Jan10: Complete processing of CTD/navigational data and submit metadata
  4. Feb25: Ridge Integrated Study Meeting (CA)

  5. Jun~11: 6 month review
  6. Jun~20: Circulate draft thesis
  7. Jul~01: Appoint reading committee
  8. Aug~20: Final examination
Chapter 1: Lateral heat flux through the MEF within the axial valley
  1. Dec07: Use puff model to weight the instantaneous flux estimates
  2. Dec07: Further assess hydrography within the axial valley
  3. Dec31: Complete preliminary draft
  4. Jan10: Finalize animations of MEF plume distributions
  5. Jan10: Circulate polished draft
  6. Jan30: Submit to G3
Chapter 2: Observed and modeled heat flux above the MEF
  1. Jan: Run puff model during CTD survey (ribbons and NoMEF stations) to identify opportunities to estimate instantaneous heat flux
  2. Feb: Outline paper
  3. Mar: Calculate instantaneous heat fluxes and compare with MEF vertical flux
  4. Apr: Generate figures and preliminary draft
  5. May: Circulate polished draft
  6. Jun: Submit
Chapter 3: Buoyant plumes in stratified oscillatory cross flow
  1. Jan: Finalize scale and dimensional analysis with Parsons and Wilcock
  2. Jan: Test Compumotor and visualization techniques; Move to new tank (with laser?)
  3. Feb: Obtain preliminary results: quiescent trials and visualization tests
  4. Mar: Conduct uniform and oscillatory cross flow experiments
  5. Apr: Conduct oscillation+translation cross flow experiments
  6. May: Produce draft chapter/publication
  7. Jun: Circulate polished draft
  8. Jul: Submit