Ocean 101 Teaching Guide

As you approach the task of helping to teach Oceanography 101, it is worth understanding a bit about the history of the class and its formal objectives.

101 Objectives:

Ocean 101 satisfies the University's "Natural World" requirement, one of the Areas of Knowledge that all students in the College of Arts and Sciences must study. Courses in the Natural World Area focus on "the disciplined, scientific study of the natural world. The Area can be divided into three broad categories: the mathematical sciences, the physical sciences, and the biological sciences. Departments that offer such courses include astronomy, biology, chemistry, fisheries, forest resources, geology, mathematics, and oceanography." A fair portion of your students will have chosen to learn about oceanography in lieu of many other Natural World courses.

Here is the (March, 2000) course catalog entry for the course:

OCEAN 101 Survey of Oceanography (5) NW
Origin and extent of the oceans; nature of the sea bottom; causes and effects of currents and tides; animal and plant life in the sea. Intended for nonmajors. Offered: AWSpS.

The following Instructor Course Descriptions further articulate the nature of the course and imply its objectives:
Roy Carpenter Frederick R. Stahr Richard M. Strickland

Note that the general Natural World description and the following objectives rarely mention the type of congnitive abilities that are to be taught and learned...

Areas of Knowledge requirement objective
Areas of Knowledge is the breadth requirement of the bachelor's degree. It is meant to ensure that you receive a liberal education rather than narrow, specialized training in only one field....
Quantitative and Symbolic Reasoning Requirement description
Courses satisfying this requirement focus on mathematical and statistical reasoning, or on formal and symbolic argument. The requirement is meant to help you learn to use numeric or symbolic methods to assess the relationships among ideas. This should allow you to judge information more critically.... You may also count your Q/SR course toward the Areas of Knowledge requirement, in whichever Area it is listed. (A few Q/SR courses do not count toward Areas of Knowledge.)" --> A more quantitative version of 101 could satisfy this requirement, as well...
Ocean professors' stated objectives?

Ocean 101 History

updated: 3/16/00