Oceanography Teaching Tools

University of Washington Resources:

Center for Instructional Development and Research (CIDR, pronounced "cider")
The CIDR assists faculty, teaching assistants, departments/units, and administrators with teaching and learning challenges. The offer an TA Handbook for new Teaching Assistants, as well.
Catalyst brings you tools, resources, and support to help you teach with new technologies.
UWired works to promote and support access to technology, fluency in information technology and resources, and innovation in teaching and learning through technology.
Informal monthly WebEd gatherings bring together UW people who develop educational content for the Web in an attempt to bridge the gaps that exist between projects, departments, schools, and programs.
Course and Teaching Portfolios
From the School of Fisheries perspective: How to develop a course portfolio, how to document instructional activities outside of formal courses, and how to assemble a whole teaching portfolio.

Activities, resources, and inspiration:

Digital library for the Earth sciences
An interdisciplinary educational resource that allows you to rapidly discover the instructional materials you need; connects you to real-time or archived Earth databases; delivers resources in a format that can readily be used in your classroom; and includes the training you need to use these materials...

The Virtual Geoscience Professsor
Storehouse of geoscience teaching resources and discussions.

College Level One
Excellent showcase of collaborative learning and assessment techniques!

The Ocean that Surrounds Us lectures with associated Labs and Field Trips
An introduction to oceanography lecture/lab taught by Dr. Karen Grove at San Francisco State University.

On-line Journey on the Ocean
Dr. Don Reed's introductory oceanography course is a hybrid of online sessions, field trips to the ocean and 3 meetings at San Jose State University.

Tour of the R/V Thompson
With a modicum of planning, you can easily act as a tour guide for your students aboard the UW research vessel. This is a tremendous local resource for motivating classwork or realizing the logistics involved in conducting science at sea. A good preparatory tool is the virtual tour of the Thompson hosted on the PRISM web site.

Electronic journals and email lists

Tomorrow's Professor (Listserver)
desk-top faculty development, one hundred times a year
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