Touring the Thompson


The Marine Operations Office frequently receives requests for individual or group tours of our research ships. Such occasions provide an outstanding opportunity for educational and community outreach, utilizing these facilities as a showcase for the School of Oceanography's interesting and varied education and research endeavors. Following are the School's guidelines for such tours:

  1. Please check with the Manager of Marine Operations before commiting to a tour time or date. Some alongside operations are hazardous (welding, heavy lift loading, etc.) and all visits need to be coordinated around work, mobilization and sailing schedules. Make sure your visitors know to wear proper footwear for climbing ladders and gangways.
  2. While we are open to providing access to educational and school groups, we discourage both very large groups and very young students (under 10 years old) for obvious safety and crowd control reasons.
  3. The engineroom and 01/02/03 deck crew berthing areas are off-limits for tours.
  4. If you arrange for a group to tour the ship(s), please plan on giving the tour yourself. We will always make ourselves available for funding agency officials, prospective PIs, University senior staff, benefactors and donors, community leaders or government agency visitors, etc., but we do not have the time or personnel resources to provide tour guides permanently "on call" and will have to respond to such requests on a case-by-case basis.
We are all proud of our University research vessels and welcome your desire to share that pride with your visitors and guests. Your cooperation with these guidelines is appreciated.

Capt. Daniel S. Schwartz, Manager of Marine Operations
Phone: 206-543-5062, Fax: 206-543-6073

updated: 5/2/00