Starboard hull cleaner, de-taped

Scott 1.5 hr; Liam, Cora 0.5 hr

Liam and Cora helped me clean out the starboard hull this afternoon.  Armed with sprayers, blue gloves, scratchy sponges, and old cloth diapers, they dove right in with flashlights in hand.  After a bit, morale degraded and most of the crew climbed topside and began swabbing the deck.  Overall, the tiki got a lot cleaner and we all got pretty dirty.

After dinner, I hosed and bleached out the hull from bow to main hatch.  That shop vac is awesome at sucking up bilge water.

Even later in the evening, I scraped (most effectively with hand plane) the old masking tape from the sheer stringer.  That led to some obsessive shaping of the bow/stern handles and nearby fillets.  The round rasp was great for this and the handles are now smooth to the touch.

Next up: finish cat poop cleanse and then S1 the topsides!

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