Port keel glassed

M&M get dusty
M&M get dusty

Scott (4 hr), Thomas (3.5 hr), Mike (3 hr), Matt (3 hr), Kevin (1 hr) | Photos

Biggest turnout in a long while meant we really blazed through the work, as well as the beer and Halloween candy.  Thanks to one and all.

Moved starboard hull out to driveway and port hull into garage.  Formed the keel, bow and skeg.  Sanded down the hull sides and parts of the rail, mostly using 40-60 grit (Thomas trick was to use cut belt sander with one on each side to strop the keel and get a nice round, symmetrical curve.  Rolled 1 coat of S1 on both sides of hull (as outboard ply was pretty dry with raised grain).  Recovered outside from VOC brain liquidation.  Glassed keel with 15cm tape.  Filled miscellaneous divots and outboard stitch holes.

Next time we should be ready for the big glassing job — sheathing the port hull!  We’ll also try to straighten the skeg and reinforce it with carbon fiber.

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