Epoxy SNAFU rectified

Uncured consternation
Uncured consternation

Matt, Mike, Scott, Kevin, Thomas (~2 hr each)

Somehow throughout the last week I managed to ignore the few sticky spots that seemed to not be curing.  Surely they would be nice and hard, ready for a light sanding by Tiki Tuesday!

Well, when all had gathered and gloved up to finish off the sheathing of the port hull, the death knell sounded.  The sticky patches were still sticky.  How were we going to sand these areas?  Like an obsessive child beginning to pick at a scab, we scraped gingerly at the edge of the fiberglass.  It was appalling to see the edge come up and wide swaths of the glass lift off!

Most of the night was spent devising a way of getting the goo off and getting back down to bare wood.  The best technique was to use a razor-bladed paint scraper preceded by blow torch.  This generated slightly less carcinogenic fumes than the conventional method of slathering the situation with acetone.  But the fire risk was pretty high…

We finally re-applied a coat of epoxy in the affected areas (mixed carefully by Matt, NOT Scott-who-botched-the-last-batch-because-he-drank-too-much-beer).  We all fervently hope it will be totally cured by next week so we can get done what was intended for tonight.

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