Beam webs done, more planks coated

Hob-nobbing while struts cure
Hob-nobbing while struts cure

Liam, Oliver, Elliot, Marcus (0.5 hrs each), Scott (6 hr), Kevin, Russ (2 hrs each), and Thomas (2.5 hr) | Photos

Liam and Rose men lightly sanded and then epoxy-coated the 2nd side of the crossbeam webs.  Then we used the extra epoxy to coat the outer surface of the lashing pads, the dolphin striker (including whipping) and striker mounting surface, and about 1/3 of the three uncoated beam planks.  Not too many clothes were trashed and Liam and Oliver seemed to enjoy working in old short-sleeved t-shirts as much as drinking some cold root beer.

Scott then tipped all coated objects with the alcohol brush and then Thomas arrived with a carbon fiber surf board.  We got to talking about it and then were treated by the first appearance of Russ.  Russ and Thomas quickly connected on diverse topics — from glacier bush-pilot stories to vacuum-bagging techniques.  Kevin then rumbled in and we ogled the new BMW.

Properly warmed up, we set about cutting more struts, gluing them in, and filleting.  Thomas also whipped a coat of epoxy on the planks started earlier, as well as the 2nd side of the beam planks we coated last week.  Later in the evening Scott polished the fillets and ensured all struts were aligned since we’re not stitching, but rather letting gravity hold the struts in place as they cure.  Next week we’ll try clamping on a plank!

Meanwhile tonight, over in the Ballard workshop, Mike glassed the 2nd side of the rudders.  The first sides are already glassed and faired!

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