Beams assembled!

Beams only need trim and outer epoxy coat
Beams only need trim and outer epoxy coat

Oliver, Liam, Marcus (0.5 hr each); Russ, Kevin, and Thomas (3 hours each); Scott (9.5 hr) | Photos

The boyz, Marcus, and I sanded the upper side of the bottom planks lightly and gave them a second coat of epoxy, hoping it would get tacky by the time we were ready to glue them to the beam webs.  Oliver was eager to drill some holes for the lashing pads, but we ran out of time — or maybe the urge to head out into the night to spy on the parents was too great…

I was hand-sawing the top planks flush with the ends of the webs when Russ arrived.  He gave a comforting opinion that the beam fillets seemed unlikely to offer much more strength if enlarged to the 1.25 radius ones called for in the plans.

Then Thomas and Kevin showed up and dove into the beam assembly while Russ took charge of aligning and drilling the holes for the lashing pads.  It worked well to put the epoxy/filler on the top of the web and compression struts and then lower a plank down on it.  Though we had to correct a lateral bow in one plank, it wasn’t too hard.  Once clamped on, the whole works was flipped onto each side successively to allow easy filleting access.  I think we all agreed with Thomas that a tongue depressor is a better fillet maker than a gloved finger.  The alcohol polishing again worked wonderfully, but MAN there are a lot of inside corners in each beam… It took a long time to get all the surfaces cleaned up and the fillets neat.

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