Final beam sand, tiller 2nd coat

Blank beam bottoms
Blank beam bottoms

Liam and Cora sanded the tillers, cut out the 2nd rudder slot, and then gave a 2nd epoxy coat to the whole shebang.  They may need a tiny bit of fairing in the seams and basalt sock, but are very close to  being ready for paint (black?)…

Scott used extra epoxy to coat the sides of the sockets and pads, as well as Thomas’ mast foot and the shovel.  The he started sanding beams (tops, bottoms, and sides/webs) and dolphin striker.  Kevin and Thomas lent a hand later, and Thomas bought 4 potential SS handle/hinges for the main hatches.  We all discussed Kevin’s idea of putting a 4″ diameter basalt sock over a cheap 2×4 to make a stout compression beam for his gazebo.

After finishing most of the sanding (still have sides of center one), Scott and Kevin followed Thomas over to his workshop.  There they helped him expansion-glue the deck to his new surf/paddle board.  We also got to see where he built Tsunami, tour Rachael’s tree house, and examine the quiver of paddles and surf boards he has built.

Upon his return, Scott tried coating dolphin striker and a tiny portion of the third beam with the high-gloss blank easypoxy.  It seems a bit thin and I’m worried it is going to take way too many coats before we get nice uniform coverage.

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