Platform production party

Stitch and glue on center section, 9 ply on sides
Stitch and glue on center section, 9" ply on sides

Working en masse in Matt’s capacious Ballard boatworks (garage), we rapidly assembled the pre-coated and cut platform pieces that Mike and Matt had so diligently prepared over the weekend.  In a matter of just a couple hours, we cut the 1×2″ reinforcement bits, drilled and stitched, and then glued the center platform together.  We decided to utilize the space between the webs for extra storage space, so are holding off on the fairing that the plans recommend.  We also refrained from cutting the hole for an outboard as this is going to wind and oar powered.

With some extra microfiber-epoxy paste, we glued on the 9″ plywood reinforcing strips in the middle of the platform’s side panels.  We then retired to the kitchen for a feast of spicy-gorganzola chicken wings and cheese curds, prepared by the grease masters Matt and Julian.  In combination with some extra beer, this caloric feast really raised the bar on the standard tiki Tuesday!

We finished the evening and tried to metabolize a bit by cleaning up the bonds and fillets with scraper and isopropyl alcohol.  With some additional fillets — and possibly a built in cooler!? — the platform should be ready for some preliminary tests next weekend!

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