Hulls primed, rudders ready

Some great photos!

While non-curing paint maladies caused us to miss our sea trials deadline (7/17), we’ve made a lot of progress in the last couple weeks. Matt and Mike have been putting in many hours in the Ballard shop hammering out the platform. Scott and pals have been getting the hulls ready for primer, including stitch/gluing the platform supports, and testing the size/alignment of the new trampoline.

Last Tuesday Mike and Scott stripped the first attempt at putting Easypoxy (sandstone) over recently cured System Three epoxy. Matt used the jig saw to custom fit the side platforms to the hulls and beam struts.

Then on Sunday, a grand entourage assembled to paint the hulls with Easypoxy undercoater (primer). Enzo, Francesca, and Liam rolled on the primer, while Matt, Mike, and Scott dashed about trying to tip the paint before it dried (and it dried fast — tack free in <1hr). The primer seemed to take well to the old cured epoxy which had been sanded down with 60-80 grit. In 24 hours it was hard to scratch it with your finger nail. Tonight, Matt, Mike, and I replaced the side section of the platform and found them still too flexible, despite Mike's beautiful glassing/fairing of the upper surface. Then Thomas stopped by to help us work out a couple methods for drilling and lacing the holes for the rudder hinges. Along with the platform (which seems way too weak as designed), the rudder lashing guidance could be explained more to the reader. I rounded out the evening sanding down both rudders, which Mike had faired previously. They are looking good and will soon be sporting a Wharram emblem of sorts...

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