Blake Island maiden overnight

On Saturday, August 14th the core Tiki 21 team headed south out of the Shilshole marina for our first voyage. Mike, Catherine, Enzo, Francesca, Molly, Scott, Annie, Liam, Cora, and Mila all piled on and into the boat with plans to meet Catherine’s parents later in the day at Tillicum Village, where they’d arrive via Argosy ferry from downtown Seattle. There was a light (10 knot) wind out of the north and some great sun, so we scooted down reading books, snacking, and taking turns at the tiller. It was simply dreamy.

After arriving at Blake and getting the lay of the land (and the land heads), Mike and I took Catherine’s parents out for a quick ride in 15-20 knot winds. On a broad reach out and back a kilometer or so from the beach, our speed was pretty steady around 6 knots. We were pretty impressed by the speed (since our crab-claw rig held only about 1/3 the sail area specified in the design) and Alfredo got mighty wet as he rode the leeward bow with his feet immersed!


On the beach at Blake Island

Made it from Blake to N Shilshole in 8 hours all upwind 10-25knots. Seems to turn reliable through 120 degrees, maybe 110 in some cases. We tacked through almost 40 km and hit peak speed of 11.5 km/hr (6.2) 10-20 degrees off close hauled. Wait til we scrub her hulls clean again!

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