Platform bottoms and hatch progress

Thomas and Kevin re-joined the mayhem tonight.  Through banter about poking dead things and other facets of our technological age, they helped Matt, Mike, and Scott with gluing neoprene seals into forward hatch covers, prepping the main hatch overlapping hinge bits, and protecting the bottom of the platform sections.  Thomas came up with a good clamping method for holding neoprene in place while 5200 set.  Mike and Scott decided to skip plans to glass seams on bottom of center platform section — as well as epoxy coating sanded/rounded corners, priming, and painting — and instead slapped a thick coat of truck bed liner onto the entire bottom surfaces of the three sections.

By the monochromatic glow of the sodium street lamp, have we created another monster?  It looks promising at the moment — with the grey color suggesting Naval fortitude.  We just hope it holds back the nightmares of dry rot that Thomas described from his recent Tsunami Chaser check-up.

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