Rigging the 13 m^2 crab claw

Jim Luby and Matt Johnson joined Mike, Christian, and I in pondering the Tiki 21 crab claw plans, lacing and lashing together the new main sail, and then rigging it in various configurations.  The curvature in the bamboo looks mighty fine and the basalt-reinforced upper spar seemed very strong but still light.

We discovered there are many ways to arrange the new sail — by raking the mast fore or aft, overlapping the spars and mast (or not), shifting where the halyard ties to the upper spar, and stepping the mast on the center or forward beam.  The favorite arrangement seemed to be a vertical mast stepped forward with the sail overlapping the mast a couple feet, but almost every set up warrants a trial.  We even tried using the small main as a apanker (assuming we added a little mizzen mast or other mounting hardware).  Another great idea was using the smaller (7 m^2) main as a downwind “spinnaker” that would let one run wing-and-wing with close to the full planned sail area (~20 m^2).

We resolved to experiment with lots of combinations, but to basalt the mast beforehand to reduce the risk of it buckling and creating bamboo splinter shrapnel.

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