Mast reinforced with basalt sock

By the time I arrived, Mike had managed to get the basalt sock over the mast using a plastic cup as a smooth taper to the 15cm diameter mast base.  We saturated the sock with epoxy, then added a layer of epoxy mixed with fairing compound.  After about an hour of brainstorming dodger/deck-tent ideas, the epoxy had set up for an isopropyl alcohol massage.  It’s nice and smooth in most areas and will only need a light sand and additional fairing to completely cover the sock fibers.

8m Tiki dodger and tent
8m Tiki dodger and tent (by Hanneke Boon)

Mike purchased 32′ of galvanized thick-walled electrical conduit for dodger/tent supports.  The question is to go with something designed by Wharram, riff of of some of the other dodger/tent designs in Boatsmith’s photostream, or to try an asymmetrical solution — possibly a sort of clam shell folding in from one or both sides…

We also delved a little deeper into comparing Torqeedo electric motors… Can you feel a summer of cruising coming on?

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