New aluminum mast

Mike and I decided on a new mast that should enable us to support either the typical gaff wingsail or many combinations of crab claw mains and jibs.  We chose a 20′ length of schedule 40 pipe made out of 6061 aluminum from Online Metals, though we looked closely at the thinner-walled Al tubing (only available in 12′ lengths) and tapered aluminum flagpoles. This spreadsheet shows relative costs of some of the options we considered:

Google spreadsheet of mast material ideas and stats

Our mast is a pipe with nominal diameter of 2.5″ though the actual dimensions are 2.469″ID, 2.88″OD, 0.2″ wall thickness. Our plan is to experiment with it stepped in the normal position on the central beam (with the 13m^2 crab claw main and a bigger jib), and to try moving it progressively closer to the forward beam, ultimately without a jib, to see where the rig performs optimally.

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