Kiko’s Pahi 26 hulls embark

This last week Kiko made a lot of progress on the 2nd hull.  On Monday we glued on the keel strip and painted a 2nd coat of brown Rustoleum on.  That evening, Kiko returned from stripping bark, and we painted a first coat of yellow, flipped the hull, and then put epoxy patches on while gluing in the hatch lexan window retainers (now mahogany in the hope that they will not rot as the plywood ones did).

By Tiki Tuesday we were able sand the Silvertip and got the decks painted with help from Ty, Thomas, and Tim.  We sprinkled on non-skid and then rolled over with more almond Rustoleum.  Thomas and Ty took off around midnight, but Kiko and Tim pushed on, putting the 2nd coat of yellow in place while emplaced the new pintle.

The next morning, under a cold, crisp, clear sky, we loaded the hull onto the trailer with help from Thomas & Tim.

Then Kiko headed south to put the ama and ‘akea into the halau.  There it shall rest until he returns in December to put on hatches and hardware, finish fashioning the beams, and then see if it floats!


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