Heavy weather Tiki 21 sailing on Lake Washington

Last September 30 (2013), Thomas and I embarked from Kirkland public marina on the tail end of a big (40 kt) blow.  It was blowing 15-20 steady with gusts to 25 when we were out.  We reached across towards Windermere, then ran down to Sand Point, then raced a Hobie 18 with two sailors hiked out over towards Juanita Bay, and finally tacked back to Kirkland.

This was the first test of the reefing points we had just put in on the big (13 m^2).  After confirming we should double the number reef points, we were surprised that we were able to sail safely without the reef in.

Below are a couple videos from the outing.


I’m behind on analyzing and sharing the GPS data we collected, but will try to add it on to this post this winter…

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