Basketball, beams, & bamboo

After I was mesmerized by the first episode of PBS’s re-enactment of the Shackleton’s amazing passage through the Southern Ocean from Elephant to South Georgia Island, Ty & Bentley stopped by tonight and practiced Thomas’s method of coating plywood with epoxy by sealing a new backboard for my daughter’s basketball net.  After talking about quadcopter snorkeling, a submersible sea kayak, the testing of OOI/RSN equipment at Friday Harbor Labs, and we used the extra epoxy (mixed w/wood flour) to build out the final layer of the Tiki 21 beam end repair.

After they left I de-rigged the main sail and used the same epoxy mixture to fill cracks on the bamboo spars. My plan is to sand them lightly (in part to remove the unsightly black mold) & then paint them black w/Rustoleum.

For reference here are the measurements of hardware locations from the forward (tack) ends of the spars…

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