Sailing on Super Bowl Sunday in Seattle

Last weekend we had a great first sail on Kiko’s Pahi 26, Ki`i Loa. Powered by a Malibu Outrigger Hawaiian spritsail, we close reached across Lake Union at 7-9 km/hr (~4 knots) in 15-25 km/hr northerly winds. There were only 3 boats on the Lake and we could easily hear the play-by-play reaction of the city. The video was taken by Thomas as the sun set over Queen Anne.

Captain Kiko feels the Viking part of his roots having invaded from Ballard via the ship canal.  Ty is at the helm (where he did a great job for his first time)!

Malibu Outrigger sail bent to Port Townsend fir spars.
Upper spar, mast, and standing rigging.  Kiko plans to raise mid-mast halyard blocks a half meter higher…
Details of the tack:
Thomas and Val pulling ahead in Tsunamichaser.
In the previous week, Tim, Thomas, and I raised ice wine whiskey samples to a 2014 pledge: to spend at least one day on the water every month of the year.
And after the Ts left, I sanded and painted the Tiki 21 mains’l spars.  At least I think I sanded them…
It took three days for the black Rustoleum to dry fully at 13C, but perhaps that’s not asking too much as I painted during heavy rain well past midnight.  The areas where I’d used System 3 Silvertip stayed tacky at least a day longer then the lightly sanded bamboo.  Amazingly the Rustoleum seems to have even dried and stuck to the tarred twine that I’d used to reinforce the splitting bamboo at the internodes.

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