Dream of a boat for idyllic family cruising…

These pages document the construction and adventures of a Wharram Tiki 21 in the Pacific Northwest.  Here are some stats on the boat and links to follow:

  • Trailerable, 2-4 berth coastal cruiser
  • Gaff ‘wing sail‘ sloop; windward sail area 19.25m2
  • LOA: 6.40m; LWL: 5.6m (21′); Beam: 3.80m (12.5′), Draft: 0.35m; Cabin headroom 1.36m
  • Displacement: 360kg; Payload 460kg; Weight of each hull: 80kg
  • Cost to home build: ~$10,000; time to build ~400hr; berths 2-4
  • Prioritized task lists and expense tracking (Google spreadsheet documenting both build and on-going costs — the reality of boat ownership)

The voyage began long ago (plans ordered on 3/17/99) and the Milagra has been cruising since the summer of 2010. Who knows where the adventure will end? 

  • 2000: Initial build effort by Mike, Julian, Catherine, Sarab, & Scott D.(to cutting of bunks + decks)
  • 2002-4: Mike and Scott V get cabins built
  • 2008-9: Construction moves to garage Scott V. and Tiki Tuesdays begin
  • 2010: From first beam alignment in January to hatches epoxy coated in December
  • 2011: Final painting and rigging, Lake WA cruise in April, San Juan summer cruise (with marine mammal mayhem on return)
  • 2012: Al mast, Seattle-SnugHabor cruise, dodger
  • 2013: Desolation Sound in summer, Lake WA storms in December
  • 2014: Beam repair and Desolation Sound summer cruise
  • 2015: Performance tests of crab claw vs Supercat/Hobie rigs; R2AK (Sam and Mike)
  • 2016: Crab claw contemplations

The Wharram Tiki 21 was winner of the 1982 Cruising World Design Competition (CW article)

Tiki 8m by boatsmithfl.com
Production Tiki 8m by boatsmithfl.com

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