Tolfea Wharram Tangaroa MK1

Wharram forum page on Tangaroa Mk1 vs others

Length overall: 34′


1979: Built in Port Townsend by Birch Gerke, renowned boat builder and multihull specialist, and his wife Mikiyah Gerke, a master sailmaker at Hess and Petrich Sails in Port Townsend, WA.

1985: Rudders updated

1998: Purchased and refit in Port Townsend by Glenn Reed and Nalla Walla.  Had 3 previous owners in 20 years…

1998-1999: Voyage from Port Townsend to Sitka, AK, and back (account by Nalla Walla: URL | PDF archive) including shipwreck in Queen Charlotte Islands.  Matt adds:

The shipwreck in the Queen Charlottes was when they were sailing Tolfea back home to Seattle from Alaska, having spent the winter in Sitka. The beam under the mast started to fail one hundred or so miles off the Queen Charlottes. I think they limped in under the 9.9 horse Yamaha outboard and replaced that beam with a new one so they could continue south.

2001-2002: Cruising in Puget Sound. Owned by Matthew Johnson who lived aboard in Eagle Harbor for a year.

2004: Listed for sale by Scott Brown for US$18,500.  (Photos: URL | PDF archive; Good owner notes, including the yellow cedar beam that was replaced after the shipwreck: URL | PDF archive; and inventory: URL | PDF archive)

2008-2010: Moored in Salmon Bay; owned by Andy Detloff; Side in 2008 says home port is still Sitka, AK…)

2011: Matt Johnson reports Tolfea has moved to berth adjacent to Seattle Pacific University, but still looks in state of disrepair.


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