Mantras and manifestos

After a camping trip with Dave and Russ, just learned about Future in Review and it’s mantra from Mark Anderson.  They have a mantra that should be inspirational to all Americans and members of over-consuming societies on the planet:

“It isn’t about problems; it’s about solutions.

It isn’t about tomorrow; it’s about today.

It isn’t about them; it’s about us.”

So, now I am ready to read and think and talk about solutions.  Why is it so hard to find cogent discourse about them?  Is it all happening at conferences like Future in Review, or within the Board rooms of for-profit companies?

Mark mentions Silicon Valley,  Elon Musk, and Vinod Khosla as actively working to derive solutions.  I’ve read their bios and am excited to learn more about them.  In general, the FiRe participants seem like an interesting group and a potential source of truth and optimism…

For the last few years as I’ve mulled over oceanic solutions to global warming and food shortages, I’ve been yearning for an established mechanism for discussing/deriving the solutions that would automatically ensure the embedded intellectual property would be licensed in an open-source spirit.  Perhaps it’s as simple as filing for a patent from within a non-profit organization.  Is there an extant mechanism for individual inventors and innovators?  What shall be the home of our maricultural manifesto?

Perhaps an answer will come as I delve more deeply into this realm of affluent innovators, largely spawned from and empowered by the start-up technology sector.

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