Scott Veirs

last updated: 11/13/2019

I am an environmental scientist and teacher living in Seattle, Washington, USA. Having obtained a PhD in oceanography from the University of Washington (UW) in June, 2003, I am currently working to enhance boat-based marine science education in the Northwest and the Pacific through Beam Reach. My research at Beam Reach focuses on bioacoustics, oceanography, and sustainable technologies that will facilitate the recovery endangered southern resident killer whales and the fish they eat.

My graduate research focused on submarine volcanic processes and was coordinated through the mid-ocean ridge processes group. My doctoral thesis addresses how to measure precisely the amount of heat coming out of deep sea volcanoes. I used computer models and observations made above an active submarine volcano about 300 kilometers off the coast of Washington (during the Flow Mow cruise in August, 2000) to understand how hydrothermal plumes and currents interact. My advisor was Russ McDuff.

I enjoy teaching at the undergraduate level and value the opportunities I have had to practice teaching. During spring, 2001, I taught a seminar on using instructional technology in oceanography. From fall 2000 - spring 2001 I served as the first lead teaching assistant (TA) at the UW School of Oceanography and have been developing resources for Oceanography TAs and teachers. My other recent teaching experience includes being a teaching assistant in Introductory Oceanography (UW Ocean 101, winter, 2000), an instructor of an Introductory Oceanography Lab (San Francisco State University, spring/fall, 1999), and an assistant scientist with the Sea Education Association (summer, 1999). I volunteer as an instructor and board member with the Ocean Inquiry Project and support other boat-based science education programs. As a long-term project I have maintained the web pages of the UW School of Oceanography Exploraquarium. I have worked as an assistant or lead instructor in each of the Beam Reach programs.

In my free time, I maintain a passion for my wife, Annie Reese, my son Liam, my daughter Cora, and our pets (RIP Mila). I also enjoy sailing, gardening, mountaineering, web-crafting, environmental activism, tidepools, coffee, renewable energy, rock climbing, emergency medicine, Linux, plants, volcanoes, white-water kayaking, cetaceans, maps, my family and friends, and sailing.

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