Scott Veirs

12/19/00 update
The best way to contact me is to
send email to veirs at u dot washington dot edu

Consider the ominous growth of the human population and our impact in the world. Now ponder something growing even faster: our ability to communicate. We live in a fascinating time full of catastrophic global collapse, or impressive human behavioral modification, or technological wonders. The rate at which the World Wide Web is growing evidences the dawning of an era of phenomenal human connectivity, communication, awareness, education, and collaboration. These pages represent my efforts to participate in the exchange as I learn more about the planet --and how we are affecting it-- through both conventional and adventure science.

Within this context, I juggle myriad spheres:

Since being graduated from Stanford University as an Earth Systems major in 1992, I have traveled a bit and worked under various guises (see my vita for details). I am currently a graduate student at the University of Washington School of Oceanography and have selected the Marine Geology and Geophysics option in which to concentrate. (I've still got my application and associated resume available for any interested, prospective students...) In roughly chronological order, here are some writings, proposals, reports, photo-journals that I have created in studying the oceans:

I live in Seattle, Washington, along with my wife, Annie Reese, and our dog, Milagra. I often take to the hills with Eric Anderson, Kevin Flick, David Lahaie, Zander Nosler, Alan Haynie and Elizabeth Gay, Pete Murray, Reini Jensen, Alex Cronin, and Inka Holmes).

Whether by conventional routes or plain old bush-wacking, I'm enthused to further explore the Pacific Northwest, and in particular, the juxtaposition of sea and summits. Here are some trip reports:

Finally, here's some pictures of pals -- far, but dear...